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NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
8Matt Moore6-32037Oregon State
17Ryan Tannehill6-42212Texas A&M
9Pat Delvin6-32253Delaware
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Wide Receivers
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
82Brian Hartline6-21995Ohio State
18Rishard Mathews6-02172Nevada
88Jerod Mastrud (TE)6-62534Kansas State
84Michael Egnew (TE)6-52512Missouri
80Dion Sims (TE)6-4262RMichigan State
87Kyle Miler (TE)6-52601Mount Union
19Armon Binns6-32102Cincinnati
10Brandon Gibson6-02055Washington State
11Mike Wallace6-01995Mississippi
42Charles Clay (TE) 6-32393Tulsa
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Running Backs
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
26Lamar Miller5-102122Miami
33Daniel Thomas6-12283Kansas State
34Marcus Thigpen5-91952Indiana
35Mike Gillislee5-11208RFlorida
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Offensive Linemen
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
71Jonathan Martin (T)6-53042Stanford
74John Jerry (G)6-53283Mississippi
68Richie Incognito (C)6-33249Nebraska
65Sam Brenner (C/G)6-2310RUtah
77Tyson Clabo (T)6-63299Wake Forrest
78Bryant McKinnie (T)6-835212Miami
60Will Yeatman (T)6-62683Maryland
75Nate Garner (G/T)6-73256Arkansas
51Mike Pouncey (C)6-53033Florida
66David Arkin (G)6-53102Missouri State
70Dallas Thomas (G/T)6-5306RTennessee
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Defensive Linemen
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
96Paul Soliali (DT)6-43557Utah
79Derrick Shelby (DE)6-22662Utah
94Randy Starks (DE/DT)6-330510Maryland
98Jared Odrick (DE)6-53044Penn State
50Vernon Olivier (DE)6-22612Miami
91Cameron Wake (DE)6-32505Penn State
95Dion Jordan (DE)6-6248ROregon
96A.J Francis (DT)6-5316RMaryland
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NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
93Jason Trusnik6-42507Ohio Northern
55Koa Misi6-32514Utah
56Jonathan Freeny6-22422Rutgers
53Jelani Jenkins6-0243RFlorida
59Dannell Ellerbe 6-12405Gerogia
52Philip Wheeler 6-22406Gerogia Tech
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Defensive Backs
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
25R.J Stanford (CB)5-101853Utah
31Michael Thomas (S)5-11/td>1961Stanford
28Nolan Carroll (CB)6-12024Maryland
30Chris Clemons (S)6-12105Clemson
20Reshad Jones (S)6-12144Georgia
27Jimmy Wilson (CB/S)5-111853Montana
29Will Davis (CB)5-11186RUtah State
21Brent Grimes (CB)5-101837Shippensburgh
36Don Jones (CB)5-11191RArkansas State
32Dimitri Patterson (CB)5-102007Tuskegee
44Jordan Kovacs (S)5-10210RMichigan
22Jamar Taylor (CB)5-10192RBoise State
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NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
2Brandon Fields (P) 6-52367Michigan State
92John Denney (LS)6-52709BYU
9Caleb Sturgis (K)5-9188RFlorida
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Coaching Staff
Joe PhilbinHead coach
Kevin CoyleDefensive Coordinator
Mike ShermanOffensive Coordinator
Dan CampbellTight Ends
Blue AdamsAssistant defensive backs
George EdwardsLinebackers
Lou AnarumoDefensive backs
Charlie BullenDefensive assistant
David CorraoAssistant Linebackers
Davis FippAssistant Special Teams
Ben JohnsonOffensive assistant
Darren KreinHead Strength and conditioning
Chris MosleyAssistant offensive Line
Jeff NixonRunning backs
Phil McGeoghanAssistant Wide Receivers
Darren RizziSpecial Teams Coordinator
Dave PulokaAssitant Strength and conditioning
Kacy RodgersDefeensive Line
Ken O'keefe>Wide Receivers
Zac TaylorAssistant quarterbacks
Jim TurnerOffensive line
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On the 14th of January 1973, the Miami Dolphins finished the only perfect season in NFL history with a 14-7 victory in Superbowl VII. The Dolphins finished the year with a perfect 17-0 record.

In the Dolphins first ever game Joe Auer returned the opening kickoff 95 yards for a Dolphin TD.


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