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NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
11Damon Huard6-32154Washington
9Jay Fielder6-22205Dartmouth
4Mike Quinn6-42174Stephen F. Austin
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Wide Receivers
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
80Tony Martin6-118111Mesa College (Col.)
81O.J Mcduffie5-101958Penn State
86Oronde Gadsden6-22183Winston-Salem
84Bert Emanuel5-101757UCLA then Rice
83Hunter Goodwin (TE) 6-52755Texas A&M
88Jeff Ogden6-01903Eastern Washington
89Ed Perry (TE)6-42553James Madison
84Leslie Shepard5-111867Temple
87Jed Weaver (TE)6-42462Oregon
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Running Backs
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
34Thurman Thomas5-1020013Oklahoma State
32J.J.Johnson6-12352Mississippi State
33Deon Dyer (FB) 6-0264RNorth Carolina
44Rob Konrad (FB)6-32602Syracuse
26Lamar Smith5-112257Houston
21Autry Denson5-112052Notre Dame
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Offensive Linemen
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
66Heath Irwin (G)6-43005Colorado
63Mark Dixon (G)6-43003Virginia
65Kevin Donnaley (G)6-530510North Carolina
71Todd Wade (T)6-8319RMississippi
61Tim Ruddy (C)6-33007Notre Dame
74Bret Smith (T)6-53154Mississippi State
78Richmond Webb (T) 6-632011Texas A&M
60John Bock (G) 6-32956Indiana State
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Defensive Linemen
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
93Trace Armstrong (E)6-427012Florida
95Tim Bowens (T)6-43157Mississippi
91Lorenzo Bromell (E/T)6-62663Clemson
92Daryl Gardener (T)6-63155Baylor
79Kenny Mixon (E)6-42733Louisiana State
96Rich Owens (E/T)6-62816Lehigh
99Jason Taylor (E)6-62604Akron
97Earnest Grant(T)6-5297RArkansas Pine Bluff
94Jermaine Haley (T)6-4270RButte J.C
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NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
58Scott Gaylon6-22455Tennessee
53Larry Izzo5-102285Rice
52Robert Jones6-32509East Carolina
59Derrick Rogers 6-12274Arizona State
54Zach Thomas5-112355Texas Tech
56Russell Twan6-12204Miami (Fla.)
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Defensive Backs
NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
27Arturo Freeman (S)6-0196RSouth Carolina
28Ray Hill (CB)6-01823Michigan State
25Greg Jeffries (CB)5-91858Virginia
29Sam Madison (CB)5-111854Louisville
31Brock Marion (S)5-112058Nevada
23Patrick Surtain (CB)5-111953Southern Mississippi
30Jeff Harris (CB)5-11178RGeorgia
24Jerry Wilson(CB)5-101876Southern(La.)
35Ben Kelly (CB)5-10191RColorado
45Brian Walker (S)6-12005Washington State
3Terrance Shaw (CB)5-111906Stephen F. Austin
42Trent Gamble (S)5-9186RWyoming
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NumberNameHt.Wt.NFL exp.College
1Matt Turk (P) 6-52356Wisconsin-Whitewater
10Olindo Mare (K)5-101904Syracuse
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Coaching Staff
Dave WannstedtHead coach
Jim BatesDefensive coordinator
Chan GaileyOffensive coordinator
Paul BoudreauOffensive line
Mike ShulaQuarterbacks
Doug BlevinsKicking
Joel CollierRunning backs
Robert FordWide recievers
John GambleStrength & conditioning
Clarence BrooksDefensive line
Pat JonesTight ends
Bill LewisDefensive nickel package
Mel PhillipsSecondary
Brad RollAssistant strength and conditioning
Randy ShanonDef. assistant
Mike WesthoffSpecial teams
Judd GarrettOffensive assistant
Robert NunnDefensive assistant
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During his career with the Dolphins (1985-89) RB Lorenzo Hampton returned 96 kickoffs (for 2025 yards) and still shares the record for number of kicks returned in a season with 45 (1985), a franchise record he shares with Tony Nathan (1979).

Mark Duper's franchise record for most receiving yards stands at 8,869 yards, only 226 yards more than Mark Clayton's 8,643.


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