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Stats From Every Game Marino Played

Dan Marino's retirement speech and quotes

Daniel Constantine Marino Jr. was born September 15th, 1961. He played for Central Catholic high school in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He played in the university of Pittsburgh for 4 years. Dan always wore lucky number 13.

On April 26th, 1983, the Miami Dolphins selected with the 27th pick of the first round, QB Dan Marino out of the University of Pittsburgh.
Marino was the 6th QB taken in the first round of the 1983 draft, later to be known as the QB class of 83. The Dolphins were suprised when Marino was still available when they got to pick. They instantly took Marino.

In the first round the Baltimore Colts took John Elway (and then traded him to Denver) with the 1st pick, Kansas City took Todd Blackledge (7th), Buffalo took Jim Kelly (14th), New England took Tony Eason (15th) and the New York Jets took Ken O'Brien (24th).

Hall of fame coach Don Shula said "Picking Marino was one of the easiest decisions I've ever had to make" and Chuck Connor who headed Miami's draft between 1978-88 said when Miami's pick was next "There was no discussion, everybody knew Danny was our pick".

Marino was also picked in the 4th round of Major League Baseball's draft by the Kansas City Royals (1979) and He was the first ever selection in the USFL draft (L.A Express).

On September 19th, 1983, Dan Marino got into the game in relief of QB David Woodley, it was a Monday night game against the Raiders, Marino threw his first comletion , a 9 yard pass to Mark Duper. Marino threw his first TD to Joe Rose (6 Yards). He never stopped since.

On December 14th, 1983, Dan Marino became the first Rookie QB ever to be selected to start in the pro bowl.

Dan finished his career with a record of 147-93. His 147 wins rank him 2nd by one win.

Marino's College Stats
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Dan Marino's Career Stats and Records
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Dan Marino's Post Season Stats
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Dan Marino's NFL Records and Honors

Named Rookie of the year - 1983.

Named Player of the year - 1984.

Named to play in the Pro bowl - 1983,1984,1985,1986,1987,1991,1992,1994,1995.

Named NFL Man of the year for community service - 1998.


Only Rookie QB ever to start a Pro Bowl - 1983. (Youngest probowl QB - 22 years 4 months 14 days).

Only Rookie QB ever to lead a conference in passing - 1983.

NFL ROOKIE SEASON RECORD highest passes completed - 58.45 - 1983 (Broken in 2004 by Ben Roethlisberger - 66.44)

NFL ROOKIE SEASON RECORD highest passer rating - 96.0 - 1983 (Broken in 2004 by Ben Roethlisberger - 98.1)

NFL ROOKIE SEASON RECORD lowest pct. of passes intercepted - 2.03 - 1983

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most TD passes - 420.

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most yards passing - 61361.

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most passes attempted - 8358

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most passes completed - 4967

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most games 400+ passing yards - 13

NFL CARRER ALL TIME RECORD - Shares record most consecutive games 400+ yards passing - 2 (1984).

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most games 4+ TD passes - 21

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most consecutive games 4+ TD passes - 4.

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most seasons 20+ TD passes - 13

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most consecutive seasons 20+ TD passes - 10

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most seasons 40+ TD passes - 2

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most seasons 4000+ passing yards - 6

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - Shares record most consecutive seasons 4000+ yards - 3.

NFL CARRER ALL TIME RECORD - most years 3000+ yards passing - 13.

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most consecutive seasons 3000+ pass. yards - 9

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most games 300+ passing yards - 63.

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most seasons leading league in pass attempts - 5.

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - most seasons leading league in pass completions - 6.

NFL CAREER ALL TIME RECORD - Yards per game - 253.6.

NFL CARRER ALL TIME RECORD - Shares record most consecutive years leading league in pass completions - 3.

NFL CARRER ALL TIME RECORD - Shares record most years leading league in passing yards - 5.

NFL SEASON RECORD - most passing yards - 5084 (1984).

NFL SEASON RECORD - most TD passes - 48 (1984). (Broken in 2004 by Peyton Manning - 49)

NFL SEASON RECORD - most games 4+ TD passes - 6 (1984).

NFL SEASON RECORD - most consecutive games 4+ TD passes - 4 (1984).

NFL SEASON RECORD - most games 400+ passing yards - 4 (1984).

NFL SEASON RECORD - Shares record most games 300+ yards passing - 9 (1984). (broken in 2002 by QB Rich Gannon of Oakland Raiders)

NFL POST SEASON RECORD - most consecutive games throwing for a TD - 13. (Broken in 2004 by Brett Favre)

Fewest games to reach 100 TDs - 44 Games (9/7/86 at S.D)

Fewest games to reach 200 TDs - 89 Games (9/17/89 at N.E)

Fewest games to reach 300 TDs - 157 Games (9/4/94 vs N.E)

Fewest games to reach 30,000 yards - 114 Games

Fewest games to reach 40,000 yards - 153 Games

Fewest games to reach 50,000 yards - 193 Games

Fewest games to reach 60,000 yards - 236 Games

Fewest games to reach any milestone, for example - 30000 yards (114 games) etc.

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Most TDs vs Opponets
Dan MarinoMiami1983-1999NY Jets72
Dan MarinoMiami1983-1999Indianapolis/Baltimore54
Dan MarinoMiami1983-1999Buffalo50
John ElwayDenver1983-1998Seattle44
John HadlS.D/Rams
Dan MarinoMiami1983-1999New England42
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Dan Marino's Magical 1984 Season
DateOpponetYardsTDW/L (Rec.)ScoreTouchdowns
9/2Washington3115W35-1726 yards to Duper, 74 yards to Duper, 6 yards to Jensen, 9 yards to Clayton, 11 yards to Jensen
9/9New England2342W28-738 yards to Clayton, 15 yards to Clayton
9/17at Buffalo2963W21-1711 yards to Duper, 12 yards to Clayton, 1 yard to Moore
9/23at Indianapolis2572W44-780 yards to Duper, 5 yards to Duper
30/9at St. Louis4293W36-2826 yards to Rose, 2 yards to Clayton
23 yards to Nathan
10/7Pittsburgh2262W31-73 yards to Hardy, 34 yards to Rose
10/14at Houston3213W28-1027 yards to Clayton, 17 yards to Duper, 32 yards to Moore
10/21at New England3164W44-2419 yards to Moore, 4 yards to Johnson, 15 yards to Clayton, 15 yards to Moore
10/28at Buffalo2823W38-77 yards to Clayton, 10 yards to Johnson, 65 yards to Clayton
11/4at N.Y Jets4222W31-1737 yards to Moore, 47 yards to Clayton
11/11Philadelphia2461W24-2311 yards to Nathan
11/18at San Diego3382L28-34(OT)12 yards to Clayton, 4 yards to Bennett
11/26N.Y Jets1924W28-175 yards to Clayton, 1 yard to Hardy, 7 yards to Johnson, 12 yards to Hardy
12/2L.A Raiders4704L34-454 yards to Cefalo, 64 yards to Clayton, 11 yards to Clayton, 9 yards to Duper
12/9at Indianapolis4044W35-172 yards to Moore, 2 yards to Hardy, 25 yards to Cefalo, 7 yards to Clayton
12/17Dallas3404W28-2141 yards to Clayton, 3 yards to Hardy, 39 yards to Clayton, 83 yards to Clayton
(TDs-yards) Clayton 18-526, Duper 7-222 Moore 6-106, Hardy 5-21, Johnson 3-21 Rose 2-60, Nathan 2-34 Cefalo 2-29 Jensen 2-17, Bennett 1-4
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Dan's TD Targets
Mark Clayton79
Mark Duper55
OJ McDuffie25
Nat Moore24
Jim Jensen19
Bruce Hardy16
Irving Fryar, Keith Jackson15
Dan Johnson14
Tony Martin10
Ferrell Edmunds, Oronde Gadsden9
Mark Ingram, Joe Rose, James Pruitt
Fred Banks, Lamar Thomas, Troy Drayton
Keith Byars7
Tony Paige, Lorenzo Hampton6
Tony Nathan5
Greg Baty, Fred Barnett, Andre Brown
Ron Davenport, Stanley Pritchett
Bernie Parmalee, Charles Jordan3
Gary Clarck, Eric Green, Randal Hill, Terry Kirby
Scot Schwedes, Troy Stradford, Woody Bennet
Jimmy Cefalo, Irving Spikes, Ed Perry
Bobby Humphrey, Jerris Mcphail, David Overstreet
Bret Perriman, Sammie Smith, Frank Wainright
Robert Wilson, Brett Carolan, Karim Abdul Jabar
Vince Helfin, John Avery, Rob Konrad
Totals420 TD
51 recievers
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Dan's TD by Quarters
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Marino's TDs by Distance
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Dan's TD by Stadium
Stadium Number
Pro Player Stadium155
Orange Bowl68
Giants Stadium30
Ralph Wilson22
RFK Stadium6
Mile High5
Three Rivers Stadium4
Arrowhead Stadium3
Busch Stadium3
Veterans Stadium3
3Com Park2
Milwaukee County2
Soldier field2
Sun Devil Stadium2
Texas Stadium2
Trans World2
Georgia Dome1
Totals420 TD
35 stadiums
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Dan's completions by reciever
Mark Clayton538
Mark Duper492
O.J. McDuffie336
Tony Nathan222
Jim Jensen217
Bruce Hardy167
Troy Stradford157
Nat Moore153
Irving Fryar146
Tony Paige140
Tony Martin136
Bernie Parmalee124
Lorenzo Hampton121
Ferrell Edmunds112
Keith Jackson112
Keith Byars109
Troy Drayton107
Fred Banks98
Ron Davenport91
Terry Kirby84
Dan Johnson82
Lamar Thomas78
Oronde Gadsden76
Stenley Pritchett72
Karim Abdul-Jabbar69
James Pruitt56
Mark Ingram55
Bobby Humphrey54
Joe Rose52
Fred Barnett51
Eric Green40
Ed Perry38
Jerris McPhail37
Charles Jordan34
Sammie Smith32
Gary Clark31
Mark Higgs31
James Saxon31
Woody Bennett30
Greg Baty28
Aaron Craver26
Randal Hill22
Andre Brown19
Irving Spikes19
Brett Perriman18
Mike Williams 18
Jimmy Cefalo17
Yatil Green17
Rob Konrad17
Scott Schwedes16
Tom Brown14
Scott Miller13
Marc Logan11
John Avery10
Joe Carter10
Nate Jacquet8
Hunter Goodwin7
James Johnson7
Brian Manning7
Duriel Harris6
Vince Heflin6
Garrett Limbrick4
David Overstreet4
Ronnie Williams4
Robert Clark3
Autry Denson3
Robert Wilson3
Brett Carolan2
Cecil Collins2
Cleveland Gary2
Charles Henry2
Brian Kinchen2
Roosevelt Potts2
Dewayne Dotson1
Nuu Faaola1
Dan Marino1
Kevin McKenzie1
Ron Moore1
Keith Sims1
Frank Wainright1
80 recievers4967
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Dan's Yards by reciever
Mark Duper8475
Mark Clayton8468
O.J. McDuffie4159
Irving Fryar2313
Tony Martin2200
Jim Jensen2051
Nat Moore2046
Tony Nathan2046
Bruce Hardy1565
Fred Banks1544
Ferrell Edmunds1517
Keith Jackson1412
Troy Stradford1362
Troy Drayton1308
Oronde Gadsden1226
Bernie Parmalee1180
Lamar Thomas1125
Tony Paige1115
Lorenzo Hampton938
James Pruitt918
Dan Johnson901
Keith Byars883
Terry Kirby846
Ron Davenport796
Joe Rose765
Fred Barnett701
Mark Ingram647
Stenley Pritchett608
Charles Jordan600
Bobby Humphrey507
Karim Abdul-Jabbar463
Eric Green453
Randal Hill451
Gary Clark446
Jerris McPhail338
Scott Schwedes326
Greg Baty319
Andre Brown312
Sammie Smith310
Brett Perriman297
Ed Perry293
Mike Williams 258
Mark Higgs247
Aaron Craver242
Woody Bennett236
Yatil Green221
Scott Miller186
James Saxon178
Jimmy Cefalo177
Irving Spikes159
Rob Konrad155
Tom Brown123
Nate Jacquet122
Vince Heflin98
Brian Manning85
Marc Logan83
John Avery67
Joe Carter59
Robert Clark59
Duriel Harris54
James Johnson46
Ronnie Williams45
Hunter Goodwin41
David Overstreet26
Garrett Limbrick23
Cleveland Gary19
Autry Denson18
Charles Henry17
Brian Kinchen15
Brett Carolan14
Roosevelt Potts14
Kevin McKenzie13
Keith Sims9
Robert Wilson8
Nuu Faaola8
Cecil Collins5
Dewayne Dotson4
Frank Wainright2
Ron Moore1
Dan Marino-6
80 recievers61361
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Dan Marino passed the 60,000 yard mark, that is the equivalent to passing for more than 34 miles. That is more than the following ...

163 trips up and down the Washington Monument (34.2 milles)
600 football fields from goal line to goal line (34.1 miles)
The length of the English channel Tunnel (31 miles)
Five Mount Everests (27.5 miles)
Distance between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale (27 miles)
A marathon (26.2 miles)
The ozone layer (25 miles)

Postseason rankings
CategoryDan's numbersRank
Consecutive games with TD131st
Passing yards45103rd
TD passes322nd
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Record When Dan Has...
0 TD16-23
1 TD45-31
2 TD45-20
3 TD25-16
4 TD12-3
5 TD4-1
6 TD0-1
At least 1 TD131-72
No sacks68-33
Rushed for TD7-2
No INT62-23
Had INT85-72
On Grass108-54
On Turf39-41
In a Dome20-18
Monday Night Football20-18
Sunday Night Football11-4
Thursday Night1-0
Prime Time32-22
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The comebacks
DateOpponetEnd of
Final score4th qtr. stats
11/4/84at N.Y Jets14-1731-175/8 99 yards 1 TD 0 INT
11/11/84Philadelphia14-1724-233/6 19 yards 0 TD 0 INT
10/6/85Pittsburgh17-2024-208/15 112 yards 0 TD 2 INT
11/10/85N.Y Jets14-1721-176/8 99 yards 1 TD 1 INT
12/8/85at Green bay20-2434-247/10 100 yards 2 TD 0 INT
1/4/86*Cleveland17-2124-214/6 60 yards 0 TD 0 INT
11/16/86at Buffalo20-2434-2414/17 124 yards 2 TD 0 INT
11/1/87Pittsburgh21-2435-246/6 100 yards 1 TD 0 INT
12/20/87Washington16-2123-219/18 175 yards 2 TD 0 INT
10/16/88San Diego17-2831-285/11 66 0 TD 0 INT
10/15/89at Cincinnati10-1320-135/7 111 yards 0 TD 0 INT
11/19/89at Dallas10-1417-143/7 42 yards 0 TD 0 INT
9/9/90at New England20-2427-244/7 31 yards 1 TD 1 INT
10/7/90N.Y Jets13-1620-166/9 70 yards 1 TD 0 INT
12/9/90Philadelphia10-2023-20 (OT)13/25 152 yards 1 TD 0 INT**
1/5/91*Kansas city3-1617-168/8 101 yards 2 TD 0 INT
9/22/91Green bay6-1316-135/8 75 yards 0 TD 0 INT
11/24/91at Chicago3-1316-13 (OT)5/11 62 yards 1 TD 1 INT**
9/14/92at Cleveland20-2327-239/13 121 yards 0 TD 0 INT
9/27/92at Seattle12-1719-177/14 85 yards 1 TD 1 INT
10/11/92Atlanta14-1721-176/7 91 yards 0 TD 0 INT
11/22/92Houston13-1619-168/14 86 yards 0 TD 0 INT
12/20/92at N.Y Jets16-1719-175/10 104 yards 1 TD 0 INT
12/27/92at New England6-1316-13 (OT)7/11 90 yards 0 TD 0 INT**
9/5/93at Indianapolis17-2024-209/13 69 yards 1 TD 0 INT
9/4/94New England32-3539-358/13 179 yards 2 TD 0 INT
10/16/94L.A Raiders10-1720-17 (OT)4/9 55 1 TD 0 INT**
11/6/94Indianapolis6-1422-2113/16 123 yards 1 TD 1 INT
11/27/94at N.Y Jets14-2428-1415/18 164 yards 2 TD 0 INT
10/1/95at Cincinnati16-1726-2313/18 148 yards 1 TD 0 INT
12/3/95Atlanta9-1421-2013/21 138 yards 1 TD 1 INT
11/17/96at Houston13-1723-206/6 113 yards 0 TD 0 INT
9/7/97Tennessee6-1316-13 (OT)6/13 94 yards 0 TD 0 INT**
10/25/98New England6-912-6 (OT)10/19 144 yards 0 TD 0 INT**
10/10/99at Indianapolis9-1734-3112/17 176 yards 2 TD 0 INT
12/19/99San Diego6-912-95/9 33 yards 0 TD 0 INT
1/9/00*at Seattle13-1720-174/8 84 yards 0 TD 0 INT
37 comebacks2nd all time--276/436 3695 yards
28 TD 8 INT Rating - 103.9
* Playoff game
** Stats include OT
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First round of the 1983 draft
1ColtsJohn ElwayQBStanford
2RamsEric DickersonRBSMU
3SeahawksCurt WarnerRBPenn state
4BroncosChris HintonOTNorthwestern
5ChargersBilly Ray SmithLBArkansas
6BearsJimbo CovertOTPittsburgh
7ChiefsTodd BlackledgeQBPenn state
8EaglesMichael HaddixRBMississippi state
9Titans (Oilers)Bruce MatthewsGUSC
10GiantsTerry KinardDBClemson
11PackersTim LewisCBPittsburgh
12BillsTony HunterTENotre Dame
13LionsJames JonesFBFlorida
14BillsJim KellyQBMiami
15PatriotsTony EasonQBIllinois
16FalconsMike PittsDEAlabama
17CardinalsLeonard SmithCBMcNeese state
18BearsWillie GaultWRTennessee
19VikingsJoey BrownerSUSC
20ChargersGary AndersonRBArkansas
21SteelersGabriel RiveraDTTexas Tech
22ChargersGill ByrdCBSan Jose state
23CowboysJim JeffcoatDEArizona state
24JetsKen O'BrienQBCalifornia - Davis
25BengalsDave RimingtonCNebraska
26RaidersDon MosebarOTUSC
27DolphinsDan MarinoQBPittsburgh
28RedskinsDarrell GreenCBTexas A&M
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Dan's Single game Highs and Lows
Most Pass Attempts*64 at Buffalo 12/30/95
60 vs NY Jets 10/23/88
60 vs New England 11/23/97
Most Pass Completions39 at Buffalo 11/16/86
Most Yards521 vs NY Jets 10/23/1988
Most TD Passes6 at NY Jets 9/21/86
Highest Completion percentage81.3 vs Indianapolis 12/4/86
Most INTs5 vs NY Jets 10/23/88
5 at Dallas 11/25/99
Fewest Pass Attempts8 at Indianapolis 9/23/96
Fewest Pass Completions5 at Indianapolis 9/23/96
Fewest Yards Passing67 at Indianapolis 9/23/96
Lowest Completions Percentage33.3 at Buffalo 11/2/97
Fewest TD Passes0 34 times
Fewest INTs0 86 times
Longest Completions85 yards (TD) to Duper vs Baltimore 11/20/83
85 yards (TD) to Duper vs Houston 11/2/86
Most Times Sacked5 at New Orleans 11/29/92
5 vs NY Jets 12/13/98
Most Rushing Yards18 at New England 11/13/83
Longest Run15 at New Engalnd 11/13/83
15 at Indianapolis 10/28/90
Consecutive Completions15 11/8/92-11/16/92 Indianapolis/Buffalo
* Playoff game
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On November 12th, 1989, Pete Stoyanovich kicked a team record 59 yard FG.

On the 24th of December 1989, Miami played the coldest home game in its history. The teperature at Joe Robbie Stadium was 40 degrees (4 celsius).

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